Military Pilot Reports UFO With “Aliens Aboard It” (VIDEO)

Space aliens are being total headline hogs these days.

ata alien dna resultsFirst there was the strange tale of Ata, a tiny humanoid creature discovered in a South American desert and recently subjected to DNA tests for a new UFO documentary called Sirius.

The DNA tests seemed to indicate that the teensy-weensy E.T. was actually human, but couldn’t determine why she was so tiny, deformed and goddamned creepy.

Now a former Air Force Pilot has come forward during a hearing at the National Press Club in Washington to recount his own alleged close encounter with aliens.

Lt. Col. Richard French claims to have been a lead investigator with Project Blue Book — a government funded UFO investigation program in the 1950s — and was charged with the task of shooting down rogue flying saucers.

This week at the Citizen Hearing on Disclosure, 83-year-old French recounted how he was summoned to Newfoundland, Canada, after several people had reported seeing a mysterious craft in the sky some time in the 1950s.

Here’s his testimony:

According to his story, a pair of UFOs — each about 18 feet across — dove into the water just 20 feet off the Newfoundland coast and could be seen floating just beneath the surface. Even weirder, he says he could see alien creatures working away inside the UFOs.

alien photos

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The aliens “were about 2 or 3 feet tall, light grey in color, very thin, long arms with either two or three fingers,” he told the Huffington Post this week.

“The top of their heads was much wider than their jawline, their eyes were very slanted and you couldn’t see pupils in them. They looked the way [aliens] have been depicted in motion pictures.”

We can only assume he’s not referring to Kevin Spacey in K-Pax.

Anyway, plenty of people were staring at the strange sight, French recalls, when one of the UFOs took off and flew away at speeds upwards of 3,000 miles per hour. It returned 15 or 20 minutes later, the aliens did some mechanical work underwater again, and then both newly repaired UFOs took off and zoomed away.

So why didn’t French come out with his story, oh, half a century ago? Because his job was to debunk UFOs, he says, not to confirm their existence.

He “weasel-worded” his report, he says, but is now fed up with lying.

Or, skeptics may argue, he’s lying worse than ever. French has been called an imposter by some present-day UFO debunkers, who point out his name isn’t mentioned a single time in all the Project Blue Book documentation.

Did French actually witness space aliens conducting underwater repairs on their spaceships, or is his story — like the supposed aliens in it — all wet?

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  1. Optical Scientist says it will be proven soon that Aliens are visiting Earth because technology has caught up to them.

    Using high dpi camera’s or High definition cameras then using a high dpi scanner to input the image into a computer enlargement program will give close up images that will end up proving Aliens are here.

    UFO’s up close, seeing pictographs and writings on the exterior Hull similar to what Fighter Jets have on them. Anyone can use enlargement tools to view UFO’s up close, some even have windows that can be seen into when good images are taken with good equipment.