Samsung’s 5G Wireless Standard Hundreds of Times Faster Than 4G

Samsung says it’s working on a new 5G wireless standard that could make 4G a thing of the past. Unfortunately for consumers eager for a speed boost for their mobile devices, the 5G wireless standard is still at least half a decade from hitting the market.

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Samsung says its new wireless standard, which is supposedly hundreds of times faster than 4G, is currently in development but probably won’t be available to average Joes for at least another seven years.

However, when it does become available, 5G technology could have a huge impact on the consumer electronics industry. Samsung says 5G equipment is capable of transmitting data at a rate of 1 gigabyte per second.

Obviously, that would make surfing the web and streaming video on a smartphone, tablet, personal computer or video game console much, much faster.

But it would also allow electronics hardware manufacturers, like Samsung, to market cutting-edge ultra-high definition (or UHD) televisions. Right now, it takes days, not hours or minutes, to stream a movie or TV show using this super-high-resolution technology. Until 5G comes around, UHD televisions aren’t going to be very useful or appealing to the average consumer.

The 5G wireless standard would also allow people to stream 3D movies, Samsung says.

With sales of high-def televisions rapidly declining, companies like Samsung, Panasonic, Sony, Toshiba and LG desperately need the boost 3D and UHD TVs could offer.

For example, Toshiba recently reported a 62 per cent decline in quarterly net profit, largely because consumers have stopped purchasing HDTVs.

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