Would You Eat a Beaver Taco? (VIDEO)

lion taco

Photo via sm-mancards.com

What could be more delicious than a hot, sloppy beaver taco?

A camel taco, perhaps?

Thinly veiled sexual allusions aside, these are actual dishes offered by a Florida eatery that specializes in folded tortillas stuffed with the ground, spiced meat of unconventional critters.

If you’ve got a hankering for a lion taco, however, you’re unfortunately out of luck. Taco Fusion in Tampa has removed Simba from the menu after what some news outlets couldn’t help but describe as an “up-roar” (wokka-wokka).

Until recently, customers could pay 35 bucks to taste a taco filled with the king of the jungle, but the management caved to public outcry this week and ditched the dish.

“We listened to everyone and decided to no longer carry lion,” reads a message on the Taco Fusion wesbite.

According to some customers, the lion was quite tasty, despite costing roughly the same as 35 normal tacos at a fast food outlet.

Still on the menu: shark, rattlesnake and kangaroo, ostrich and gazelle.

We can only presume that a pescetarian alternative to the beaver taco is the bearded clam.

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