Rumor: Amazon Working on World’s First 3D Hologram Phone

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Already a significant player in the tablet game with the Kindle Fire, Amazon is now said to be looking to make a splash in the highly competitive world of mobile phones.

The company rose to prominence as an internet shopping destination — and still dominates the e-commerce space — but is reported to be working hard to solidify its place in the market as a respected hardware manufacturer. The best way to accomplish that? Develop what could become the world’s first three-dimensional holographic phone.

The Wall Street Journal reports that Amazon engineers are currently developing a handheld device with the capability to track users’ eyes and display images on the screen that would appear to float above the device — without the need for special glasses. Though such a smartphone would not be holographic in the sense that it could project holograms into the surrounding area, its screen would give the impression of three-dimensionality to those looking at it from the correct angle.

In other words, it sounds a lot like the Nintendo 3DS — not a world-changing product, but a somewhat revolutionary one nonetheless.

There’s no guarantee that Amazon’s lofty goals will come to fruition, however. The WSJ notes that plans for such a device could be shelved at any time due to “performance, financial or other concerns.”

The WSJ report also reveals that Amazon is working on another (presumably more conventional) smartphone, as well as an audio-only streaming device.

Amazon has declined to comment on these rumors.

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