32 High School Girls Suspended for Making Twerking Video, Will Miss Prom

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NBC San Diego is reporting that “dozens” of students at Scripps Ranch High School will go without a prom this spring because they participated in a twerking music video.

In the long and storied history of trouble-making students getting suspended and barred from attending their prom (quite possibly the harshest punishment that can be levied on a high school-age person), this just might be the weirdest thing anyone’s been busted for. We’ve all heard of livestock being released in the principal’s office, underwear being run up the flag pole and all manner of classic pranks. Criminal ass shaking, though… that’s a new one.

Twerking, of course, is a kind of dance that involves intentionally jiggling your buttocks. It used to be called booty popping, but really took off after it was rebranded. But you probably already knew that.

What you likely didn’t know, and what the students involved in this incident didn’t know, is that twerking is a serious offense at Scripps Ranch High School. A total of 33 students were suspended over the video, which was produced on school time as a media class project. Thirty-two of the students were girls who volunteered to shake their asses (many of whom did it upside-down — but otherwise not particularly impressively) on camera. The other suspended student was the dude who shot and edited the whole thing together.

A member of the SRHS twerk team took to Twitter to express her confusion surrounding the harsh punishment:

Another student proposed a somewhat radical way for the rest of the school to show support for the suspended students:

The video is online in its entirety. You be the judge — is this worthy of a suspension and prom ban?

Frankly, the part that offended me most was the audio quality at the very beginning. That’s gotta be worthy of a D-minus (or worse) in media class, right?

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  1. If you give high school kids video cameras and tell them they can film a “project” on school time, this is what you’re going to end up with. Duh. I’m surprised there wasn’t any actual nudity.