Will IllumiRoom Transform Your Entire Living Room Into a Video Game? (VIDEO)

In the looming war of the next-gen gaming consoles, a mind-bending new technology called IllumiRoom — which transforms your entire living room into an immersive gaming environment — could give the Xbox 720 the edge over the PS4.

First, have a look at the conceptual demonstration video of IllumiRoom, because it’s pretty damn cool.

The gist: by scanning the layout of your living room with the Xbox Kinect, IllumiRoom will figure out how to project “illusions” onto surfaces around you to fill your field of vision with an expanded game environment. It’s known as “augmented gaming” and it will be, to use the technical terminology, rad.

The good news is that IllumiRoom will probably actually exist someday.

The bad news: we might have to wait a while. When Microsoft unveils its Xbox 720 in a few weeks, don’t expect IllumiRoom to be ready for showcasing alongside it.

“IllumiRoom remains in the prototype stage,” says Microsoft, “with much additional research left to be done before it could be made available broadly, but the progress thus far has been gratifying, and the possibilities are intriguing.”

Until the IllumiRoom is ready for the world (it might get a demo in July, meaning an actual release date is still a long way away), gamers wishing for an immersive playing environment might have to improvise.

A few ideas:

video game room illumiroom

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illumiroom release

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