DON’T LOOK: Bear Grylls Tweets Digusting Aftermath of Snake Bite (NSFL PHOTO)

You don’t need to see the photo Bear Grylls just tweeted.


The last thing you need on a Tuesday afternoon — still on the wrong side of hump day — is to look at a repulsive photo posted by a daredevil survivalist known for drinking his own pee and munching on live bugs.

There are so many other things you could look at that would be far more appealing to the eyes and far less upsetting to the stomach than gawking at a photo of the damage caused by a snake bite to his producer’s foot.

You could watch a kitten pounce on a large dog:

Or watch Randy Savage deliver a picture-perfect elbow drop:

Or even watch Iron Man take his name too literally.

Is your urge to look at stuff satisfied?

Do you still want to see the disgusting photo Bear Grylls posted to Twitter today? Really?

Well, perhaps there is some poetic justice in a snake biting Grylls’ producer, considering that Grylls once bit the head off a snake for the sake of “survival” (survival in the television ratings, that is, not in nature).

Fine, look at the tweet.

Just don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Sweet dreams tonight.

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