McDonald’s Breakfast Could Soon Be Served All Day Long

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At long last, one of the most annoying things about mornings could be coming to an end.

No, scientists haven’t created a pill that eliminates morning breath and leaves you feeling rested no matter how late you went to bed. Engineers haven’t created an alarm clock that doesn’t make you want to smash it with a hammer every single morning, either.

But McDonald’s says its considering serving its famous lineup of breakfast foods, including the iconic McMuffins and the vastly underrated McGriddles, all day long. This is major, people!

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At least, it will be major if it becomes official. Nothing is set in stone yet. In a recent interview, McDonald’s President and CEO Don Thompson had this to say about the matter:

“Yes, we would consider it. We have the focus on our existing menu, but we have looked at breakfast across the day. We have it in some markets around the world.”

Thompson went on to say that McDonald’s has explored some “innovative ways” to expand breakfast hours, but didn’t elaborate on whether that means the company has a time machine or if it will simply lengthen the window in which it serves breakfast (and what would be “innovative” about that?).

Dreaming of a tasty McMuffin and then getting to McDonald’s just after they switch over to the daytime/evening menu is one of the worst feelings in the world. However McDonald’s can eliminate this injustice, be it time machine or adjusting its schedule, it’s great news for those of us who are too lazy to make a simple bowl of cereal in the morning.

Thompson also revealed that McDonald’s is considering offering delivery in select markets, perhaps as a response to Burger King’s recent move to start delivering Whoppers.

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