WTF?! Mormon Bishop Becomes Samurai to Save Neighbor

kent hendrix mormon bishop

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Kent Hendrix is a Mormon bishop, which means he preaches peace and harmony, right? Right.

Except when he’s doing his honorable duty as samurai warrior, apparently.

When not preaching the gospel, Hendrix is also a martial arts instructor, and last night he put his fourth-degree black belt skills to use.

Like. A. Freaking. Boss.

When his son awakened him and alerted him to a commotion outside their Salt Lake City home, Hendrix grabbed his trusty 29-inch samurai sword and went to investigate. He discovered that a female neighbor was in the process of being mugged, so the sword-swinging Mormon charged after the perpetrator on foot.

The mugger, understandably, ran like hell. The foiled crook, probably scared sh**less that the badass bishop would track him down and liberate his head from his shoulders, eventually turned himself in to the cops and was charged with attempted burglary, trespassing and violation of a restraining order.

Hendrix said the dude was terrified because he’d “probably never had anyone draw a sword on him before,” which is almost certainly true. 

Unless, of course, it was the same crook from this video:

Or this video:

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