Jacksonville Jaguars Unveil New Nike Uniforms (PHOTOS)

Photo via jaguars.com

The Jacksonville Jaguars were due for some new uniforms. Everything about the Jaguars franchise is somewhat stale: the results, the roster, the general lack of direction. So, the powers that be got the green light from the NFL and teamed with Nike to produce a new look.

The new uniforms started with the new Jags logo, and that logo has now been slapped onto the new and improved Jacksonville jerseys, as well as a fairly badass, albeit polarizing, two-toned helmet.

You might be asking yourself, “Didn’t the Jaguars get new uniforms just a few years ago?” Yes. Yes, they did. But considering their lack of success since that uniform change (four years ago), new owner Shad Khan thought another overhaul was in everyone’s best interests. Khan loves the new look and has referred to the uniforms as “a piece of art.”

The players have responded positively to the changes as well. According to Marcedes Lewis, “The most important thing about it is that it’s comfortable. As far as the color scheme, I think they did a good job. I’m impressed.”

There are three jerseys and several different colors of pants the Jags can choose to mix and match from, leaving the team with lots of great options whether at home or on the road. Nike has pretty much killed it since being welcomed into the NFL family and these new uniforms are another fine example.

Photo via Bleacher Report

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