Plants Love Black Sabbath, Says Expert Gardener (VIDEO)

black sabbath plants

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“I love you, Sweet Leaf!” ~ Ozzy Osbourne of Black Sabbath, 1971.

“I love you too, Black Sabbath!” ~ Sweet Leaf, 2013.

Renowned British gardener Chris Beardshaw announced this week that cranking the music of heavy metal overlords Black Sabbath in a greenhouse has contributed to vibrant plant growth.

Blasting Cliff Richards’ music, on the other hand, tends to kill them. Understandable.


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Beardshaw, a frequent contributor to the popular BBC show Gardener’s World, conducted an experiment in which alstroemeria plants in two different greenhouses were subjected to two different kinds of music.

“The one that was grown with classical music — a soft, almost a caressing of the plant when it is hit with that sort of soundwave — those grew slightly shorter because of the soundwaves bombarding them and were slightly more floriferous and there was slightly less pest and disease,” he said.

“And the ones with Black Sabbath — great big, thumping noise, rowdy music — they were the shortest, but they had the best flowers and the best resistance to pest and disease.”

This scientifically confirms something millions of people have known for four decades: Black Sabbath makes life better.

The timing of the announcement, however, seems a little too fortuitous, since it came within hours of Black Sabbath releasing the new single from their forthcoming reunion album, 13 — the original line-up’s (minus drummer Bill Ward) first studio effort since the late-1970s.

The new track is called “God is Dead.” Perhaps it should be given the subtitle: “But the Geraniums Are Flourishing!”


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