Tracy McGrady Signing With San Antonio Suggests Spurs Are in Big Trouble

Photo credit: Greg M. Cooper / USA TODAY Sports

You’re in charge of the San Antonio Spurs. You realize you’re a little shorthanded for the upcoming playoffs. Basketball wisdom suggests that it’s time to bolster the roster — to add some impressive depth. So, where do you turn to add championship caliber depth to your playoff roster? You turn to the professional basketball league of China and snag former NBA All-Star, Tracy McGrady.

And then people say you are crazy.

Don’t you remember Tracy McGrady, and his cousin, Vince Carter, putting on those epic dunk shows and scoring displays in Toronto? T-Mac and Vinsanity! Yeah!

That was a long freakin’ time ago.

Gregg Popovich and the San Antonio Spurs brass have been looking down their bench over the last two weeks, and they’ve realized they’re in trouble. Tim Duncan no longer leaves the floor when he attempts to jump. Manu Ginobili is out. Tony Parker… he’s just not getting to the hole. Maybe the Frenchman has been saving himself for the playoffs, but smart money says he’s tired from carrying an aging squad.

Spurs fans have to be concerned when they see their management offer a contract to McGrady. They’ve only got a couple days remaining until they do battle with either Houston or Golden State — two young teams, long in the legs, who are capable of scoring a lot of points. We shouldn’t be surprised to see an upset of the seven seed over the two seed in the first round.

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