Shocker: iPad 5 Case Leak Reveals a Slimmer iPad is on the Way (PHOTOS)

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In what must be the least surprising revelation to emerge from the tech world in history, an alleged iPad 5 case that just leaked from a manufacturer in China reveals that Apple’s next tablet will be slimmer than the previous version.

You don’t say!

In equally non-shocking news, the case reveals that the next iPad will have a thinner bezel around the outside of the screen. This will allow the device to have a screen that’s equal to or better than its predecessor, but be lighter and easier to carry around. In other words, it’s the same as every product Apple has ever released.

Photos of the leaked case come to us via Senior Associate Editor Richard Lai says the case emerged at the Hong Kong Electronics Fair and it appears to be legitimate.

The shape of the case also suggests that Apple’s fifth-generation iPad will have straighter edges around its body — much like the iPad Mini (which was unveiled last fall).

The intense pace of product leaks in the tech world has created an environment in which almost no product (especially not major products like the iPad) is still a surprise when it’s unveiled to the world. It was obviously a safe bet that Apple would try to make its next iPad thinner and lighter, so this story isn’t going to shake up the industry. Still, spoilers like this take away from of the magic that used to surround Apple’s product unveiling events.

Let’s hope that Tim Cook and company still have at least one or two surprises up their sleeves when they show off their next iPad this spring or summer.

More photos of the leaked case:

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