Xbox 720 Launch Titles to Include ‘Ryse,’ ‘Forza’

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According to Tom Warren of The Verge, Microsoft is currently hard at work on a number of different launch titles for its upcoming next-generation Xbox console, widely rumored to be called the Xbox 720.

One of the premier launch titles is said to be Ryse, a game that was first unveiled at E3 back in 2011. Microsoft acknowledged back in 2012 that the game was still in development and now it appears that the company may be hard at work up-converting the game to take advantage of the graphical capabilities of the next Xbox.

This is what Ryse looked like back in 2011:

Microsoft is said to have very high hopes for Ryse, envisioning it as the first game in a franchise with the potential to join the likes of Halo and Gears of War as the console’s biggest exclusive games.

Ryse is rumored to take full advantage of Kinect’s body tracking capabilities, allowing gamers to launch sword and kicking attacks by moving their actual bodies.

Another launch title confirmed by The Verge is a new Forza game. Ho hum. It seems like there’s some kind of unwritten rule that stipulates all new consoles must launch with a realistic racing game.

The Verge also mentions a zombie game and a Pixar-like family game set on an island as likely launch titles for the next-gen Xbox.

Microsoft is expected to introduce the new Xbox to the world at an event in May.

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