Real-Life Hamburgler Steals $100,000 in Hamburgers

Photo credit: McDonald’s

Police in New Jersey are on the hunt for a thief who stole a reported $100,000 worth of hamburger patties from a refrigerated shipping container.

Have they questioned Mayor McCheese and the other inhabitants of McDonaldland about the whereabouts of the infamous Hamburgler?

Well then have they sent a CSI team down to the fictional world of Popeye to look for the telltale signs of J. Wellington Wimpy?

Police say that the burgers were inside a 40-foot shipping container that was swiped from a shipping yard sometime on the night of April 8, which means that all those precious beef pucks are probably smelling pretty bad right now  — unless the criminal had the foresight to keep them all refrigerated. Or unless he just ate them all.

The stolen burgers were designated to be shipped to the Netherlands. Sorry, Dutch people — cancel your plans for a bar-b-que this weekend.

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