Animal Sex: The Source of Jurassic Park’s Dinosaur Noises (VIDEO)

jurassic park sounds sex

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The 3D re-release of Jurassic Park has sparked renewed interest into how director Steven Spielberg made the dinosaurs look and sound so realistic (or so close to what we imagine they probably looked and sounded like, anyway).

The appearance of the dinos was a triumph of computer modeling and puppeteering, especially given the limitations of early-1990s special effects technology.

The sounds were a bit easier to create. The editor in charge recorded animals humping.

“It’s somewhat embarrassing, but when the raptors bark at each other to communicate, it’s a tortoise having sex,” sound designer Gary Rydstrom told this week.

Yep. He turned this:

tortoise sex jurassic park

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Into this:

And when the raptors scream — that’s a horny dolphin screeching for a mate.

And now you know.

Enjoy your kinky animal sex 3D dinosaur movie, weirdo.

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