Denard Robinson’s First Pitch Was Hilariously Bad (GIF)

Photo via Eye on College Football

Upon viewing that abomination of a ceremonial first pitch, one can only include that it ranks among the all-time worst first pitches in baseball history (a hallowed list that includes some monumentally bad pitches).

When you take a moment and consider that it was delivered by former Michigan Wolverines quarterback and current NFL prospect Denard Robinson, the story gets even cringe-ier.

Robinson is certainly no Peyton Manning — almost all scouts agree that he’ll need to change positions to make it in the NFL because he simply doesn’t have the skill set needed to succeed as a pro quarterback — but he’s still a big-time athlete. How can he possibly have thrown such a pathetically feeble pitch? That thing bounces in the dirt so far short of home plate that you can only shake your head in disbelief.

The whole thing went down in Detroit prior to the Tigers game today. We can only assume thousands of fans made a hasty retreat to the stadium bathrooms immediately after the pitch flopped down to the ground, unable to deal with the embarrassment they felt for poor Mr. Robinson.

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