Vladimir Putin Met by Topless Protesters in Germany (PHOTO)

Photo via CBS News

Making a visit to Germany to presumably discuss… stuff… with German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Russian President Vladimir Putin was met by a few topless, female protesters. They were decorated with some rather insulting messages for the Russian rep, insinuating he’s nothing more than a dictator.

The women were believed to be part of FEMEN, a group that protests regularly in Eastern Europe. Recently, the group has focused on issues including the lack of women in national politics and legal prostitution and sex slavery, as well as a host of other issues that most agree need more exposure.

These particular gals actually made it pretty close to the Russian President before German security laid the smack down. Putin seemed to find the whole thing pretty entertaining. He stated that he “liked it,” remarked that they were pretty girls, and said that he couldn’t understand what they were saying. He went on to say that protesting with your clothes on is probably a better way to be taken seriously, but because it wasn’t very cold outside, the topless method was quite acceptable.

Silly protesters. Haven’t they figured out that nothing really accomplishes a goal like blood-in-the-streets revolution? Not to trash this FEMEN organization, but perhaps showing your boobies to a man you consider sexist, chauvinistic and possessing dictatorial tendencies is not the best course of action to invoke legitimate change.

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