‘Journey Rocket Death Match’ is Unfortunately Not Real

journey death match

Image via YouTube

Journey is more than a mere video game.

It is a hallucinatory, existential meditation that leaves the player emotionally beleaguered and spiritually transformed.

You don’t merely play Journey. You live it. You inhabit it. You discover hidden pieces of your soul reflected in the tumultuous pilgrimage of its cloaked protagonist to the peak of a holy mountain.

It was one of the most critically acclaimed console games of a generation, and no one who played it was the same person afterward.

It was only missing one thing: rocket-blasting death matches.

Now THAT’S a video game.

Or so goes the implicit punchline for a brilliant April Fools’ gag pulled today by Journey’s creators, thatgamecompany.

It’s a simple gag, but a hugely satisfying one.

Surely plenty of credulous gamers are already salivating over this faux add-on, and it’s tough to blame them.

Serene, soul-searching pilgrimages are fine, but blasting crap with rockets is not without its merits.

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