OUCH! Amazing Karate Kick Ends Fight in Brutal Style (VIDEO)

karate kick russia

Photo via YouTube

Players of Street Fighter franchise might recognize this move.

In the games, Chun Li performs the “kaku kyaku raku” kick when a player deftly joysticks forward, then backward, then hits the strong kick button.

In real life, Semyon Moskalenko performs the kick by, well, by being super-ballsy in the final moments of a martial arts tournament.

Last week at the PPO Karate Championships in Ulyanovsk, Russia, the karate kid unleashed a flipping overhead kick that left the crowd breathless — and left his opponent temporarily senseless.


Moskalenko and his opponent were competing under Shinkyokushin rules – a full-contact variation of karate with no protective gear. Given what we now know about the dangers of head trauma in sports, this video will surely spark outrage and debate. It should also result in Moskalenko getting offered some roles in action movies.

Watching the deadly accurate kick, one half-expects to hear the baritone of the Mortal Kombat voice-over guy bellowing “FATALITY.”

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