‘Survivorman’ Les Stroud Blasts Bear Grylls as “Bogus” in Reddit AMA

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Les Stroud of Survivorman fame took to Reddit today to engage in a long-awaited AMA. For years now, Stroud’s been at or near the top of many Redditors’ wishlists because he’s done so much cool stuff in his life (and because, despite the fact that most Redditors rarely emerge from their basements, they all seem to get off on the idea of living off the land).

Of course, the most up-voted question in the AMA was about Stroud’s opinion of fellow TV survivalist, Bear Grylls (Man vs. Wild). The Internet has invented a feud between the two men because their shows are very similar, but surely Stroud has only good things to say about his peer, right? Right?

Hell no. Stroud didn’t hold back, blasting Grylls for being a total faker (which has been rumored for years). It was awesome. Someone’s gonna have to get Grylls some cool piss to put on the burns Stroud dished out:

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Here’s the full text of Stroud’s response, formatted in a way that makes it easier to read:

I can only assume you mean in terms of Survival – and not film making or music? That being the case – lets establish one thing first – he acts – (they act) – I survive.

As far as the survival instruction and gimmicks shown, i will speak only as a survival instructor and not the guy who first put survival on TV: many of the actual survival skills taught are bogus – It is NOT possible to squeeze drinkable water out of elephant dung – well it is when your cameraman has soaked it with bottled water. Others are pure tv stunt entertainment and do not relate to the real world of survival – so my ‘professional’ opinion of BG as you have directly asked is that he is a TV host – acting out scenarios based on what he and his producers dream up and glean from books and from the on-location consultants advice, they hired for an individual show.

I would even go as far as to say that some of the skills if followed and attempted in a real survival situation could result in worsening the situation. (then again maybe the same could be said about whatever choices i make when i am out there) – but then that is the difference – i need to make choices on the spot to secure my survival – he (they) need to do the next scene for the location director and then spend all day filming a dangerous scene of clambering down a 15 foot waterfall when they could’ve walked around it in 10 minutes.

I am glad he has at least brought attention to adventuring in nature to the young fans – and i am sure he is a great outdoor adventurer and he seems to be quite the athlete – but my professional opinion on the subject of survival is that he is not an instructor i would ever suggest to be followed when survival skills are the ones you want to learn.

Asked straight-up whether it’s a good idea to drink your own urine in a survival situation, as Grylls so famously did on his show, Stroud offered a simple response: “no.”

He later conceded that urine could possibly be good for washing one’s body.

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7 Responses to ‘Survivorman’ Les Stroud Blasts Bear Grylls as “Bogus” in Reddit AMA

  1. James Sheldon
    James Sheldon says:

    Sour grapes. They should have done something together… it would have been awesome. Bear Grylls did what the hired “survival experts” told him to do on M v. W. He has always been billed as “The Presenter.”

    Fortunate for those of us who were bored stiff trying to watch Surviorman.

    Love Les. Love Bear. Can’t we all just get along?

  2. Why is everyone still talking about this ? Bear was not the only one to drink his own urine. Mykel Hawke of Man Woman Wild did it aswell ! Many survival experts say its dangerous but there are a lot of people in the world that survived because they drank their own urine, like Aron Ralston ! Bear was only a host, but he loves survival stuff and he learned something when he was in the army. I am sure he learned and practised many other skills along the way. And all the other things he does are amazing ! Les knows survival stuff, but where did he learned it from ? He was just a musician who rented canoes ! Well, he probably learned how to because he loved it ! And Bear couldnt do the same ? I guess Les Stroud has been jealous of Bear Grylls success for years ! And he is not alone ! Les Stroud hates Bear Grylls so much, that he even copyed his line of knives !…

  3. Remember les stroud he is beig

  4. Remember grylls is paid to do what he does and he does what he is told. If you want to compare skills, i want to see les stroud try to join the special air service, does anyone know what the means? The SAS are trained with and fight along side navy SEALS are even by many are considered better the navy SEALS and he was a

  5. Caden Wamsley says:

    Les Stroud is a boss and is way better than Bear Grylls. Bear Grylls is still boss but why not find water rather than drink your per.

  6. It doesn’t matter what special forces Bear was in. He is still told what to do for the director. It’s not like he gets the chance to show off his special forces skills other than surviving. You can be the toughest person in the world but if your survival skill isn’t great then you’re just tough for nothing. It comes down to survival. I’m not gonna say who is better but Stroud is alone when he survives and Bear is not. Man vs wild is more like a amped up show of survival as survival man is showing you how he is actually surviving.