‘Star Wars’ Conspiracy: Was the Death Star Attack an Inside Job? (VIDEO)

Finally, the truth is emerging.

Did ragtag group of inexperienced pilots really use aircraft on a spiritual mission to destroy an enormous hub of political and financial power?

Or was the iconic “terrorist” attack actually an inside job orchestrated by the government?

When it comes to the destruction of the Death Star, it seems there is some “loose change” that needs to be accounted for.

For example:

  • Are we to believe that a simple farmboy with no military experience could really infiltrate the defenses of a heavily fortified moon-sized battle station and deliver the precise proton-cannon blast down a tiny ventilation shaft necessary to destroy it?
  • Are we to assume it is mere coincidence that the only survivor of the attack, a high-ranking Imperial commander, also happened to be that farmboy’s father?
  • What are we to make of the fact that Princess Leia — brother of the farmboy and daughter of the high-ranking commander — was spotted inside the Death Star shortly before it was destroyed?
  • What was the role of the third-party smuggling ship — belonging neither to the Imperial nor Rebel forces — seen in the vicinity of the attack?
  • Could the destruction of the Death Star been profit-motivated, such that the contracts for the rebuilding of the Death Star would go to Anakin Skywalker’s construction firm?

These questions and many others are explored in Luke’s Change: An Inside Job, a new mini-documentary that blows the lid off the biggest cover-up in the universe. Watch, and prepare to have your mind blown.

Much like the 9/11 truthers’ manifesto Loose Change — which, of course, is completely factual, balanced, unbiased and not-full-of-irrational-fear-mongering-bullcrap — Luke’s Change is full of unanswered questions, vexing theories and intense music.

Its creator, Graham Putnam, is clearly some kind of genius who has seen through the “official” story and found the truth.

Somebody alert Jesse Ventura.

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