Prince Rocks SXSW Until 3 A.M., Adding More Lore to His Legend

Photo via Los Angeles Times

Gather ’round, children. It’s time for a story about one of the most phenomenal artists who has ever lived. His name is Prince. With humility, I place him in a category with only two other musical artists: Elvis Presley and Michael Jackson.

It’s damn near impossible to categorize the man born Prince Rogers Nelson, but the legend known as “Prince” continued to grow last night, as he took the stage at South by Southwest to close out the festival.

He was on a double bill ticket with one of the world’s greatest hip-hop crews, A Tribe Called Quest. The Tribe wrapped up before midnight and the Purple One hit the stage shortly thereafter — and continued to play for a solid three hours. He responded to the calls of the celebrity-filled crowd to offer six encores, at one point stating, “Don’t make me hurt you. You know how many hits I got?”

If you’re not familiar with Prince, it’s time you set the the contemporary pop/rock aside and dig into the archives. If you consider yourself a music lover, you must know Prince. At 54 years old, and 5’2″ in height, you might think you’d look past someone of such vintage and stature. Make no mistake. This dude performs bigger than anyone you’ve ever seen.

He claims he has written a song a day for the last 30 years and plays more instruments than you have fingers. It’s indisputable that he’s one of the most underrated and greatest guitarists of all time.

Keep in mind what was just stated. He’s 54 years old. If you’re going to take it in, you best start making some plans. This guy might just decide to become a space traveler at 60.

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  1. yolanda morrissette says:

    Wow wish I could have been there I would love to see him perform