Guy Jumps Over a Cop’s Head, Gets Arrested (VIDEO)

You won’t find many better examples of the above-the-law attitude exhibited by many of today’s cops than the above video. Get ready to rage and want to play N.W.A. at a really loud volume.

Photo credit: RossCreations on YouTube

The kid in the video (he’s known as RossCreations on YouTube, where he posts prank videos and other stunts) is definitely a bit of a punk. There’s absolutely no reason to do a flip over an unsuspecting cop other than to try to startle him and piss him off — and earn points on YouTube. It’s certainly not the worst thing one can do, though. It’s not like he assaulted the cop or anything. What law did he break?

At first, it seemed like the two cops were going to handle the situation in a sane manner. They warned the kid not to do it again, which is fair, and he seemed to get the message. Things rapidly changed when the one cop spotted the camera behind them, however. If there’s one thing cops hate, it’s being uploaded to YouTube.

Immediately after noticing the camera, the cops go into hardcore overreaction mode. They arrest the kid, using what could possibly be considered excessive force, and then they try to delete the evidence.

Unfortunately, cops aren’t always the smartest people on the planet. Frankly, they rarely are. They failed to delete what was captured on video and now we all get to debate whether they were jerks for arresting the kid or gigantic a**holes for arresting the kid.

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