Is Beer the New Breakfast of Champions?

cold turkey black isleScrambled eggs. Buttered toast. A frothy pint of beer.

Welcome to a new era of breakfast, fellas.

At least that’s what one brewery in Scotland — where else? — would have us believe.

Black Isle Brewery, just a quick jaunt up the road from Loch Ness, is positioning its ironically named Cold Turkey brew as a “Breakfast Beer.” They’re presumably working on a lunch lager called Relapse.

What, aside from raging alcoholism, would compel someone to guzzle beer for breakfast? The hoppy highlanders at Black Isle actually make a pretty compelling case for their breakfast brew:

Using oats, barley and wheat in the brew it has all the malty taste of multigrain cereal, a refreshing grapefruit flavour coming through from the hops gives it a fruity character, and to finish it off the heavy roasted barley gives a subtle coffee edge to the overall taste to this all day breakfast in a pint.

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When they phrase it like that, it kind of makes sense. Except, of course, for the question of alcohol.  Early-morning grogginess is disorienting enough without the brain-fogging effects of booze, right?

The Black Isle lads thought of that, too. Cold Turkey has a particularly low alcohol content — 2.8 percent by volume — which means a single glass would give you no worse a buzz than the magically delirious sugar rush of frosted Lucky Charms.

So although a breakfast beer sounds at first like a hitting-rock-bottom milestone, Black Isle has managed to brew a bevvy that sounds like a relatively innocent and appetizing eye-opener.

It won’t do you much good, however, on those exceptionally tough mornings when all you want is a nice tall glass of vodka.

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