Seahawks Trade for Percy Harvin – Are They Super Bowl Favorites Now?

Photo credit: Associated Press

The NFL news cycle can really fly, when it has to. After weeks of endless speculation about free agent signings and very little real news, we got a doozy of a story dropped in our laps this afternoon.

Just after noon today, news broke that the Minnesota Vikings were discussing the possibility of trading wide receiver Percy Harvin to the Seattle Seahawks. The Vikings had denied for months that they had any interest in shipping the mercurial but perpetually unhappy Harvin out of town. Then, what felt like seconds later, the deal was done.

Harvin is now a Seahawk. In return, the Vikings will receive Seattle’s first-round pick and, according to FOX’s Jay Glazer, also the team’s seventh-rounder, in addition to an undisclosed pick in the 2014 NFL Draft (expected to be in the middle rounds).

Seattle has reportedly worked out a long-term contract extension with Harvin, which was crucial to making this trade happen. Minnesota’s refusal to give Harvin the gigantic raise he was seeking — he reportedly expects to be compensated as one of the league’s best wide receivers — was the initial bruise to his ego that festered over time and ultimately led to the end of his tenure as a Viking.

Talk will now turn to where this leaves the Seahawks. Already possessing one of the league’s best defenses, the Seahawks now boast an impressively explosive — and young — offense.

Led by sophomore quarterback Russell Wilson, 24, the Seahawks have Marshawn Lynch, 26, in the backfield and a stable of receivers that includes Harvin, 24, Sidney Rice, 26, and Golden Tate, 24. That’s scary. That’s a roster that can compete for — and win — a Super Bowl.

It’s probably too much to call the Seahawks the Super Bowl favorites — that honor might go to their divisional rivals, the San Francisco 49ers — but they are right in the mix.

It’s crazy how fast the NFC West transformed from the laughingstock of the NFL to the premier division in the league.

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