Hangover 3 Trailer Looks Awfully Familiar (VIDEO)

hangover 3 preview

Photo via YouTube

The brand-spanking-new trailer for The Hangover Part III hit the Internet today, although it could justifiably be mistaken as a trailer for one of the first two films in the series.

Like hazy flashbacks from a night of excess and debauchery, the images in the trailer seem strangely, off-puttingly familiar.

There’s the Las Vegas skyline. There’s the boys with an ill-gotten exotic animal (a giraffe this time, instead of a tiger or horny monkey). There’s the idiot manchild Alan (Zack Galifianakis) displaying some unexpected, preternatural gift. There’s the mildly offensive Asian/gay stereotype guy. There’s the Zeppelin-esque soundtrack-selling song by Wolfmother (“Apple Tree” this time, instead of  “The Joker and the Theif”).

Oh, the crazy hijinks they’ll get into.  Again.  Again.

Granted, it would be silly for such a successful comedy franchise to eschew all the trademarks that made it awesome the first time around, and tolerable the second time around. Director Todd Phillips has stated that the third Hangover movie will definitely be the last, so perhaps there are some interesting surprises in store.

But if this trailer is any indication, this Hangover might be best treated with cold-turkey abstinence.

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