Is Alex Rodriguez’s Charity Foundation a Scam?

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Alex Rodriguez. Once upon a time, he was the best all-around short stop in the game of baseball.

Do you remember that version of A-Rod? He played for the Seattle Mariners. It’s tough to think that far back — before the money, the women, the scandal — it seems like it was a different baseball era.

However, we can all easily recollect his recent on-the-field/off-the-field issues: his admission to using performance enhancing drugs; his various women; his underachievement on the field; his questionable play and sportsmanship¬†during competition. These issues make you question the guy’s ethics. And if they don’t, please… consider one more.

Sports Illustrated recently highlighted the 2006 tax filings for the A-Rod Family Foundation. According to the official documents filed with the IRS, the foundation raised a total of¬†$403,862 in 2006, and donated $5,090 to charitable funds. One donation was a $5,000 gift to Jay Z‘s Shawn Carter Scholarship Fund. The other $90 went to a Little League team in Miami.

Something tells me the people giving their money to the A-Rod Family Foundation, weren’t offering those funds so a measly one percent would be offered to worthy recipients.

Yes, this factual morsel gets even better… or worse, depending on your perspective.

The IRS stripped the organization of its non-profit status in 2007, because it failed to properly submit all of its tax filings and necessary paperwork. Quick math suggests that was between 5-6 years ago. Yet, as of earlier today, the foundation website still claimed to be a 501c3 non-profit. So, how many people were duped over the last several years?

The A-Rod Family Foundation… or the A-Fraud Family Foundation?

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