5 Things I Don’t Want to See at the PlayStation 4 Launch

Sony is expected to show off its PlayStation 4 console at a New York City media event this evening. Little is known about the console, despite the fact that rumors related to its hardware and software features have been flying about haphazardly for months now.

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A lot of those rumors involve possible new features for the PS4. But what don’t we want from a new Sony console? Here are some thoughts.

5. PS Vita integration: While it’s a relatively impressive gaming device, the Vita isn’t the ideal place to punch up a report or surf the web. That’s why people would rather spend the money on a tablet computer or iPhone — something that can game and perform other vital tasks. The Vita is a marginal tech device — here’s hoping Sony doesn’t concern itself with extending PS4 integration to a device very few people care about.

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4. A subscription-based PlayStation Network (PSN): For a long time, I thought Xbox Live was worth the $60/year subscription. Then I purchased a PS3. Lo and behold, the multiplayer gaming on PSN — which is absolutely free — is almost as good as XBL. Sure, fewer people chat and the interface isn’t quite as clean, but I’ve discovered that Xbox Live really isn’t worth the subscription. Free PSN might be the best idea Sony ever had — let’s hope they keep it free for the PS4.

3. Killzone: Contrary to what Sony and PlayStation fanboys may believe, the Killzone franchise is not a legitimate response to Halo. Take it from someone who has put many hours into both franchises — Killzone is no Halo. It’s not even a comparable software. Time for Sony to nix this derivative, lame universe and come up with a more unique environment for a next-gen shooter exclusive.

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2. Motion-sensitive gameplay: Okay, I know the original Wii was a big deal. It’s still the top-selling console from the current generation of hardware devices. But how many of us can look back on these past six or seven years and say that our favorite gaming moment involved swinging a Wii or Sony Move controller? Even the Kinect, which ditches the controller altogether, is a pretty lackluster peripheral. Unless the technology takes a major leap forward, it’s time to put this gimmick to bed.

1. A Wii U-style LCD display controller: I really don’t care to look at some silly little map or inventory screen on a second, teeny-tiny controller-based display. More than anything, I don’t want to have to pay extra for a console just to get these lame, gimmicky features. Mapping the controls around an LCD screen just doesn’t integrate well in the two hand model of gaming. There’s a reason the Wii U is tanking right now — it doesn’t do anything particularly novel. Hopefully Sony has learned from Nintendo’s mistake.

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