Google+ Is Down, Almost No One Notices

Photo credit: Google+

When Twitter goes down, people go into hysterics. They get short of breath and many begin to convulse, overcome with a complete inability to fathom a world in which they cannot share their opinion about the minutiae of their lives. When Facebook goes down, mobs form and pitchforks are lit on fire.

When Google+ goes down, life goes on. Almost no one notices.

Google+ is down right now, according to reports from the few fanboys/hipsters/very confused grandmas who actually use the struggling social network. The outage appears to be contained to just the United States.

Google’s usually pretty good at avoiding outages like this. Gmail goes down rarely — and when it does, it creates a panic that might actually exceed that of when Facebook is down — and is seemingly always operational. There’s a good chance that this Google+ outage will be very short-lived.

Heck, maybe Mother Google took the network down for some reason. Perhaps Google+ is getting some new functionality added — something that might actually make people use the service.

Google has tried hard to make it appear that Google+ is a success, and has forced people to +1 things somewhat against their will (all Android reviews now require a Google+ account), but it’s painfully obvious that it isn’t the Facebook killer Google hoped it would be.

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