Sega Blames ‘Borderlands 2’ for ‘Aliens: Colonial Marines’ Completely Stinking It Up

Sad news, folks: by most accounts, Aliens: Colonial Marines — a game yours truly listed as his most-anticipated game of 2013 — stinks. The long-awaited and highly-anticipated title is being panned by critics across the board for stiff, uninventive and buggy gameplay that adds nothing of value to the once-proud Aliens universe.

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So, what the heck happened? According to one new report, the problem may have been that the developer responsible for the project, Gearbox, spent most of its time making the critically acclaimed Borderlands 2.

In a recent interview, an industry source said to be close to Colonial Marines’ publisher Sega, said “Sega was very concerned that the bulk of Gearbox’s resources/manpower was being spent on Borderlands and that they weren’t investing the effort in Colonial Marines that they should have been.”

According to the source, that not only explains why the game is receiving such awful reviews, but also why its ultimate release was repeatedly delayed.

“Obviously, judging from the end result, that issue was never resolved,” the source added.

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A recently posted and now very popular thread on Reddit sheds more light on the problem. According to the thread’s anonymous poster, Gearbox didn’t actually perform much work on Colonial Marines; instead, it outsourced a lot of the game’s development to another company, Texas-based TimeGate Studios.

“This decision was made mostly so that most of the developers at [Gearbox] could continue working on Borderlands 2,” the Reddit post says.

Although TimeGate boasts on its website that it “is an award winning independent entertainment company,” most of its games — including Section 8 and F.E.A.R. Files — have received middling reviews.

So, has anyone actually purchased Aliens: Colonial Marines? How bad is it?

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3 Responses to Sega Blames ‘Borderlands 2’ for ‘Aliens: Colonial Marines’ Completely Stinking It Up

  1. John Sullivan says:

    Referencing a bit from Ripley in Alien 3 – it’s “crud”. For a £30 game, I want my money’s worth. I fail to understand why the Demo last year looked so much better than the final product. I also think it is unfair of Gearbox to ask people to pay for DLC when the content should be part of the final game. So… I emailed Gearbox to complain and am awaiting their response. I doubt they will respond, but I feel better for having done it.

  2. The game is awful…they messed it up alot..They had over 6 years making this game Sega delayed it and delayed it and gave more and more money to gearbox for this game, they wasted it..Sega wanted to make a quality game but gearbox was to busy with other things…Borderlands 2
    This video shows how drastically the Demo and the real game vary.

  3. I feel all the companies that was envolved in making this game is responsible. They all new the end result of the game. They can’t tell us that nobody knew that this is going to be a bad game. They must have a final game product supervisor that look over every detail of the game for approval for the market or something.
    I think the gamers was scammed, looking at the E3 demo of aliens that had awsome graphics and detail and lots of good action pack gameplay. They also said the gameplay in the demo is going to be the actual footage in the final version, and in the final version. NOT ONE DROP OF THE DEMO IS IN THE FINAL!!!! Sega should refund people who bought the game if they still have their reciept or if you have your reciept when you take it back to the store you get a ticket. Sega will take back all the shitty games and do a total make over of the game and get their shit right this time. Then re-release the game back to the market. So if you have your ticket, you the new verson of the game to replace the old.