Oscar Pistorius Removes ‘Bullet in the Chamber’ Photo From Website Following Murder Charge

Photo via deadspin.com

There was no lack of compelling storylines at the 2012 Olympics in London, but one that resonated most strongly around the world was amputee Paralympian Oscar Pistorius’ quest to compete with able-bodied competitors in the 400m. The South African, known as the “Blade Runner” because of the two carbon-fibre blades he ran on, finished last in the semi-final of that race, but his mere presence meant far more than where he finished in the standings.

All of it might mean nothing now, though. Pistorius has been charged with the murder of his girlfriend, model and anti-violence-against-women activist Reeva Steenkamp, in Johannesburg.

There are rumblings that Pistorius is claiming he shot Steenkamp in self-defense — perhaps he believed her to be a home invader — but police are indicating that isn’t true. Incidents of violence at Pistorius’ home weren’t uncommon, suggested a police spokesperson.

Pistorius was a gun owner and was known for bragging about his marksmanship on social media sites:

Within hours of his arrest, Pistorius’ website had removed this image:

Photo via mirror.co.uk

Pistorius us due to appear in court tomorrow. Just as the eyes of the world were on him when he lined up on the track in London, so too will they be on him as his faces the charge that he shot his girlfriend to death.

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One Response to Oscar Pistorius Removes ‘Bullet in the Chamber’ Photo From Website Following Murder Charge

  1. This is being considered a murder investigation, as it should be until further investigated. I will say this. I’ve followed Pistorious since he was a Jr. athlete, and shooting has always been on of his passions. He has taken interviewers to shooting ranges and introduced them to guns. The “domestic” incidents which have occurred at his home, may or may not have involved this girlfriend, but for police are referring to a domestic incident which occurred in 2009…? The media is running wild, presuming that he has had domestic “incidents” with this woman, which may be possible, but is far from factual.

    The police could be referring to an incident between the past two Olympic games when Pistorious was arrested at his home for assault, after a woman claimed he injured her.

    The woman was not a friend, rather someone who brought a lot of friends to a party at the Pistorious residence, and were told to leave. It allegedly took a physical altercation to get the people out of the home…anyone is welcome to research this one for themselves…

    Media outlets have been grossly irresponsible in reporting this murder charge, stating that there was screaming “around the incident”…well…before or after the gunshots?

    Pistorious has also stated in interviews that he has drawn his gun to inspect his house, and once thought his home was being burglarized, so he sleeps with a gun next to his bed. This is a common practice in South Africa, where violent crimes rank among the world’s highest.

    He very well could have murdered his girlfriend in cold blood, or in a fit of an impassioned rage…but what if it was a Valentine’s Day surprise gone terribly wrong? According to early reports there were allegedly four shots fired, three of which hit the woman. But it would seem to me (based on my own speculation) that an excellent marksman would hit a target easily with all four shots if there was no sign of a struggle. She was allegedly shot in the arm, chest and head. So…perhaps he offered a warning shot? Then shot her three times face to face?

    As stated, I’ve followed this guy since he was a “kid,” and while it seems out of character, you truly don’t know someone based on their public persona. Having been said, he should be afforded every shadow of a doubt.