RG3 Went to a Girl’s Sweet 16 Birthday Party, But it’s Not as Creepy as it Sounds (VIDEO)

A few years ago, NFL quarterback Matt Leinart was widely criticized for partying with a few co-eds from Arizona State University. A series of photos showed Leinart, then in his 20s, binge drinking with women who were reported to be under the legal age (and one of the dudes from 98 Degrees was there, too, which was really weird). Leinart was called immature and selfish and his pro career never really recovered from the incident — though some might argue that he’s simply a poor quarterback and wouldn’t have been successful in the NFL even if his partying wasn’t a problem.

History has a way of repeating itself and another NFL quarterback was just caught partying with underage girls. This time, the quarterback is an even bigger star and the girls are even younger, but no one’s career is going to be ruined.

So, what happened? Why are things different this time?

Because RG3. Everything he touches turns to gold.

The Washington Redskins quarterback and reigning Rookie of the Year is still recovering from the knee ligaments he tore in his team’s playoff loss to the Seattle Seahawks. He was at a D.C.-area resort the other day, working out in the pool (he still isn’t cleared to run on land). A group of teenage girls entered the pool area and immediately started “squealing.” It turns out the girls were there for a birthday party. One of the girls reportedly jumped into the pool and said “I love you.” Griffin handled it very well, from the sound of things. He finished his rehab session and then posed for photos with the party.

Photo via myfoxdc.com

Photo via myfoxdc.com

RG3 even tweeted about the whole thing afterwards:

“We were all talking to him, and I was, ‘Are you really RG3?’ And he said, ‘Yeah.’ And his trainer was like you guys can get a picture after,” birthday girl Mya Linden told FOX 5.

“I was speechless,” said Lauren Eyler (the one who jumped into the pool). “I was freaking out. I had no idea what to say to him. I was stunned.”

He was probably pretty stunned, too. After all, when does an NFL injury rehab session ever bump up against a Sweet 16 party?

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