More Sex, Less Housework: Science Rules!

Guys, listen: do you think that folding the laundry and dusting lampshades will earn you bonus points you can redeem in bed?

Think again.

A new study published in the February issue of American Sociological Review indicates that couples have more sex when the men stick to “manly” chores such as cutting the grass, fixing the car and brandishing a shotgun while shouting at neighborhood teens to “get off my lawn!”

The flip-side appears to hold true as well: when women stick to laundry and cooking and and other traditionally female jobs, couples are more likely to end the day with a romp between the (nicely washed and pressed) sheets.

Says the study: “Men or women may, in essence, be turned on (however indirectly) when partners in a marriage do more gender-traditional work.”

There might be a catch, though. The study is based on data compiled a couple of decades ago, when gender roles were different and men weren’t generally expected to help out with the cooking and cleaning. While the researchers say little has likely changed since then, other experts disagree.

Another catch: if you stick solely to “manly” duties and eschew housework, the resulting sex might not be as fun.

According to the study: “When men do more housework, wives’ perceptions of fairness and marital satisfaction tend to rise,” resulting in better sex and — here’s a shocker — fewer divorces.

So mow the lawn, change the oil, use power tools, grunt. But if you want to really get it done in bed, try throwing a load of whites in the wash and sewing on your own damn button.

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