Fan Makes ‘Star Wars Episode VII’ Trailer In J.J. Abrams’ Style (VIDEO)

Star Wars fans who can’t wait until 2015 to see recently announced director J.J. Abrams’ take on their beloved universe are in luck — a filmmaker from Houston, Texas named Gavin Chin has produced a mock Star Wars trailer in the style of Abrams. Think of it as what Episodes IV-VI might have looked and felt like if Abrams was in charge back in the ’80s.

Photo via GcPr0ductions on YouTube

You know what that means: lots of lens flares. Lots of dramatic music and sweeping camera angles, too.

It’s definitely cool to see a modern trailer for Star Wars, but the whole thing feels kind of bizarre. The style of Hollywood action movie trailers has become very refined and specific in the past few years (go watch the trailers for Star Trek, Inception, Transformers: Dark of the Moon and The Dark Knight Rises if you don’t believe me). In a lot of ways, the crafting of a thrilling trailer that leaves the viewer wanting more is one of the most intricate arts in all of Hollywood — and the style du jour doesn’t totally mesh with classic footage like Star Wars. The eras are simply incongruous.

Still, the video above is definitely worth a watch — if only to spur the debate about whether Abrams’ style is right for the Star Wars universe and/or to give you yet another excuse to bitch about lens flare.

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