Bad Lip Reading: Inauguration 2013 Is Finally Here! (VIDEO)

New Bad Lip Reading video = new Manolith article. It’s just that simple. Every video this guy produces is gold, so you know that this one is a must-watch.

The mysterious guy (or is it guys?) behind these videos is really on a roll, huh? He just hit us with his NFL version, maybe the greatest BLR video of all time (“An orange peanut?!”), and now he’s back with his take on the recent presidential inauguration — and he enlisted the help of a pretty good singer to portray Beyonce.

Once again, this video is full of classic lines:

“I’m proud to say your mama took a Cosby sweater.”

“What was I supposed to say? Your baby cousin likes me because I’m more normal and have a smushy finger? No.”

“Touch the sky and colorful bears will take you for the jump. Touch the sky, all ghosts make webbing. Sorry, I got stuck. We have to bring slaw, these grandmas are getting hungry.”

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