Worst App Ever? 8-Bit Photo App Makes Your Pictures Look Terrible

8-bit photos

Photo via Sushigrass

Video game nostalgia is a powerful thing.

Any grown manchild who was weaned on the consoles of yesteryear — the NES, the Genesis, the rare but wonderful handheld Atari Lynx — has a soft spot for pixelly graphics, bleepy-bloopy music and two-dimensional side-scrolling fantasy worlds.

To capitalize on this nostalgia, mobile app developer Sushigrass has created PowerUp, a “Retro 8-bit Video Game Camera.”

What does it do? It makes your photos look like crap, that’s what. You take a picture, run it through the app and — presto — it becomes a blocky, barely recognizable mosaic of pixels and incorrect colors, as if you’ve magically become the protagonist in Dig Dug.

It’s the Instagram motif — easy, immediate photo modifications without any cumbersome Photoshopping — taken to its illogical extreme.

What PowerUp basically does is put your pictures in a time machine, launch them back to 1988 and shove them through the tiny brain of an Atari 2600.

The net effect of this two-dollar app: really bad pictures.

Perhaps next we’ll see an app that turns your photos into the crayon scribblings of a hyperactive toddler.

Thanks, Sushigrass, but we’re perfectly capable of taking awful photos without any help.

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