Whoever Created This Working DeLorean Hovercraft Is a Damn Genius (VIDEO)

Where this thing is going, it literally doesn’t need roads.
(Photo via geek-news.mtv.com)

Quick — think of the coolest vehicle in the history of cinema. No, not KITT from Knight Rider. I said cinema, not TV, you dummy.

It’s gotta be the time-traveling DeLorean from the Back to the Future trilogy, right? Of course it is. You know, stainless steel body, gull-wing doors, flux capacitor, 88 miles per hour, 1.21 gigawatts… that thing was so awesome.

Now, think of the coolest vehicle that actually exists on the planet. DeLoreans exist, but they can’t travel through time. They can’t even fly, like the DeLorean in Back to the Future 2. Real DeLoreans can only travel on roads. Lame.

There is a vehicle in the real world that can traverse land, water, mud and ice, though. Technically, it’s flying (at a very low altitude) the whole time. Know what I’m talking about? It’s the hovercraft, earth’s coolest vehicle.

Are you seeing where this is going yet?

Some dude has created the world’s first DeLorean hovercraft and it’s every bit as bad-ass as you’d expect. Here’s a video of it bombing around on the water near the Golden Gate Bridge:

So dope!

Are you seeing this, acclaimed film director Robert Zemeckis? Are you smelling the Back to the Future-Noah’s Ark crossover movie that I’m smelling? Because it smells like a money-maker.

The plot practically writes itself — all the animals on earth start going extinct and scientists discover that it all traces back to some kind of “ticking time bomb” gene that was transferred between all species when they were together on the ark. Marty and Doc travel back in time in an upgraded DeLorean to save those animals — but Biff got there first (or something… you figure it out, you’re the acclaimed one).

Let’s do this, Hollywood!

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  1. This thing regularly appears at SFGiants games