The Great NFL Draft Board Fall of Manti Te’o Begins With a Fake Girlfriend

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Earlier this afternoon, we posted a story about how you can pay a Brazilian company $39 a week to act like your girlfriend and post stuff to your Facebook.

Get ready for a story that takes girlfriend fakery to a whole new level.

The guys over at Deadspin have the scoop and it is an absolute shocker. Remember that story about how Notre Dame linebacker and Heisman runner-up Manti Te’o’s grandmother and girlfriend both died within hours of each other? Yeah, that didn’t happen.

Deadspin did some digging and found out that Te’o’s supposed girlfriend, “Lennay Kekua,” never existed. All her photos were fake, stolen from the Facebook profile of an unsuspecting young woman.

This story is a must-read. Seriously. Go read it right now.

Once considered to be a surefire top-10 pick in this spring’s NFL Draft, Te’o will now surely plummet down draft boards like no player has ever plummeted before. Just imagine how his life is going to be over the next few months — he’s going to have to interview with every NFL team and answer the same questions about his character. What kind of person invents a fake girlfriend and then kills her off for sympathy? What kind of team drafts that player?

Actually, check that. The Oakland Raiders will probably still take him No. 3 overall.

The football world really is the best source of drama in our culture these days. Hollywood has nothing on stories like this one.

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  1. Nokyoung Xayasane
    Nokyoung Xayasane says:

    This is messed up. You go to bed one day and wake up as someone’s FAKE girlfriend. Seriously, bizarre.