Heard of the Leap? If Not, You Will Soon (VIDEO)

Leap is a hands-free motion control system that boasts an accuracy rating of one hundredth of a millimeter. What that means is that the squiggly motion you make in the air with your finger will be exactly replicated on a computer screen.

There’s huge potential for the technology, which most resembles Microsoft’s Kinect peripheral for the Xbox 360. However, unlike the Kinect, Leap isn’t tied down to any one product. In fact, it’s compatible with any computer — even those without touchscreen displays.

The device is also extremely small – in fact, it’s about the size of an Apple iPod.

We’re about to see a whole lot more of the Leap, too. The company that builds the device, San Francisco, California-based Leap Motion, recently announced its first retail partnership with Best Buy. The company has also agreed to bundle the Leap with upcoming Asus computers.

Best Buy says that the Leap will be made available in all of its stores and on its website, BestBuy.com, while Leap Motion will also sell the device through its own site, LeapMotion.com. However, we don’t yet know for certain when the device will be officially released to the public.

At the moment, Leap is only available to developers. Leap Motion says that it’s working with those developers to build an app store jam-packed with applications that take advantage of the technology.

To learn more about the Leap, click on the video below. By the way, that clip has been viewed about 7.7 million times on YouTube.

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  1. I seriously want this. Can’t wait until it’s common technology.