Tim Tebow to the Cardinals? Rumor Takes Off After Tebow Spotted in Arizona

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Tim Tebow knows he won’t be back with the New York Jets next year, after the miserable failure that was his 2012 season in the Big Apple. He also knows he won’t be playing in Jacksonville, his hometown and a location very close to the city where he led the Florida Gators to back-to-back national titles, Gainesville. New Jaguars general manager David Caldwell said he “can’t imagine a scenario in which he’ll be a Jacksonville Jaguar.”

So, where will Tebow play? The list of teams that could potentially have any interest in him is rapidly dwindling. He’s pretty much proven that he isn’t an NFL-caliber starting quarterback and there are very few teams who will be interested in bringing him in as a high-profile backup — especially when you consider the three-ring media circus that accompanies him wherever he goes.

There’s one team in the NFL that has a quarterback depth chart that’s worse than all the others, though. One team that used four different starting quarterbacks in 2012 and, arguably, none of them has the talent to even be on an NFL roster.

The Arizona Cardinals.

And it just so happens that Tebow was spotted working out in Arizona yesterday. TMZ has a photo:

Photo credit: TMZ

Cue the rumor mill.

Of course, many players work out in Arizona during the off-season — the state has an ideal climate for winter workouts in the great outdoors.

Still, it’s curious that Tebow would choose to get his exercise in Arizona and not Florida, where much of his family is still located. It’s not because he’s trying to get away from the media, because Tebow made no attempt to hide himself and even reportedly signed autographs for fans who spotted him.

The Cardinals still haven’t hired a new head coach to replace Ken Whisenhunt (who was fired a week ago). It’s likely that whoever gets the job will have a say in whether Tebow comes to town. Presumably, most coaches would have no interest in going down that path.

Still, for the time being, it looks like the Arizona Cardinals are the second-most likely place for Tim Tebow to play professional football in 2013.

The most likely? The CFL.

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2 Responses to Tim Tebow to the Cardinals? Rumor Takes Off After Tebow Spotted in Arizona

  1. James Sheldon
    James Sheldon says:

    The perfect place for Timmy T. He can just throw it up and let Fitz go get it.

  2. Seems as if another quarterback proved himeself with the Cardinals; he also took the same ridicule as Tim Tebow. Don’t under estimate the good guys that play football.