Will AJ McCarron’s Hot Girlfriend Be the Downfall of ‘Bama? (VIDEO)

Photo by Matt Cashore, USA Today Sports

The Alabama Crimson Tide sent a message to the rest of the college football world on Monday night: “We are king.” And A.J. McCarron sent a message to the TV audience: “My girlfriend is hot.” As you’re probably aware, this model and pageant queen’s name is Katherine Webb. As supportive of McCarron as she is, she’ll be one of the reasons Alabama’s current streak of domination ends next season. Did we mention that she’s an Auburn alum.?

Listening to Brent Musburger‘s commentary, he went straight from traditional play-by-play guy to dirty old man within a split second of the first shot of Webb in the stands. If you didn’t catch this morsel of awesome, enjoy:

Yeah, Ms. Webb is a genuine looker. And with her recent taste of notoriety on a grand scale, the desire for residual effect has already entered the picture. This girl loves the cameras as much as they love her and A.J. McCarron is not ready for this kind of shared celebrity lifestyle. Not as a student. It would behoove him to declare for the NFL draft, and move on with life, taking along his lovely lady.

In addition to having a hot girlfriend, McCarron also has a hot temper. He has soaked up every ounce of Alabama head coach Nick Saban — never has that been more evident than during this incident late in the second half of last night’s beat down. Pay particular attention to the score at the time:

Really, dude?

One has to admire the desired perfection, but it’s never a good thing to act like an ass with millions of people watching. Kobe Bryant tweeted his admiration for the confrontation, but I see this temper getting the best of McCarron when he returns for a senior season without integral, unsung hero types such as offensive lineman Barrett Jones.

The beauty, new-found notoriety and easy target of Webb, combined with the pressure on McCarron to bear the unbearable load (including speculation of a marriage proposal in order to make all of this a true story book ending in the great state of Alabama) almost guarantees that a 3-peat attempt for the Tide is destined to fail.

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