The KFC “Brain” and Other Disgusting Things Allegedly Found in Fast Food

KFC Kidney

Photo via Facebook

When a teenager in the U.K. spotted something disgusting in his KFC meal this week (more disgusting than normal, that is), he snapped a picture and posted it on Facebook.

Presto! Through the power of social media gone viral, the “KFC brain” careened around the globe and resulted in an apology from KFC.

The Colonel’s representatives suggested  the wriggly mystery prize was likely a kidney, not a brain as the teen had suggested — as if that makes it much better.

The company offered the teen some vouchers for free KFC, which he justifiably refused, insisting he’ll never eat there again.

This week’s grisly, greasy discovery at KFC is not the first time a grosser-than-normal morsel has allegedly turned up at a fast food restaurant. Though many such cases are the stuff of urban legends, others appear to be legit.

Here are some of the most off-putting instances:

The Alleged McCondom

mcdonalds condom

Photo via

In 2009, a seven-year-old Swiss girl reportedly found a condom in the french fries of her happy meal. Reports did not indicate whether the condom was in its wrapper or loose. Or even “experienced.” Given that Switzerland is a fairly liberal country, perhaps the condom was the official prize included with the Happy Meal?

The Cajun Fried Mouse

Tony Hill of Baltimore allegedly chomped into a battered, deep-fried mouse at a Popeye’s outlet in 2003. Although mouse is a delicacy in some countries, it’s safe to assume Hill was hoping for chicken or shrimp instead. According to most reports, the city’s health inspector commented that the restaurant had been cited for rodent infestations in the past.

The Needles

A Hawaii man claimed in 2000 that he was painfully poked in his mouth and other places by a Burger King Triple Stacker containing several needles. According to the lawsuit he filed against the company, he suffered severe “injuries to his stomach, rectum and tongue.” It must have been a pretty delicious burger if some of the needles made their way to his rectum.

The Infamous Chicken Head

mcdonalds chicken head

Photo via

This one grabbed headlines around the world, largely thanks to the gruesome photo that accompanied it. In 2000, a deep-fried chicken head apparently turned up in a box of McDonald’s chicken wings brought home by a Virginia mom. According to some reports, the manager of the McDonald’s offered the mom two weeks’ of free meals, but she instead pursued a $100,000 lawsuit.

Incidentally, McDonald’s announced this week that chicken wings are coming back to the menu. Just a heads up.

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