Shadow of the Colossus Movie Promises to be Boring/Awesome!

shadow of the colossus movie

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It was announced this week that Canadian screenwriter Seth Lochhead has been charged with the rather daunting task of scripting the upcoming film adaptation of Shadow of the Colossus.

You may recall that Shadow of the Colossus was a popular PS2 game that featured practically no dialogue, and long stretches of gameplay during which pretty much nothing happens.

Have fun scripting that, Mr. Lochhead.

Or perhaps it’s a good thing that Lochhead — whose previous work includes British-German fairy tale Hanna — won’t be saddled with a predetermined storyline, which is the downfall of many games-turned-movies.

The lack of dialogue and uneventful horseback scenes were part of what made Shadow of the Colossus an original and mostly amazing experience. It was visually stunning for a game of its time, and it eschewed the cliche of non-stop action and hamfisted exposition.

It was instead a beautiful and meditative game, in which our hero rides horseback across vast landscapes utterly uninhabited by villains, zombies, goombas or anything else that needs killing.

Until, that is, he reaches the Colossi, which stomp and roar and swipe at our comparatively puny human until he vanquishes them with his sword and spiffy archery kit.

The action scenes alone will probably make the film version worth the price of popcorn. But if the movie’s script closely follows that of the game, expect some interminably long stretches of horseback riding.

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