Did Carmelo Anthony Just Try to Fight Kevin Garnett Outside the Arena? (VIDEO)

Photo credit: Debby Wong / USA TODAY Sports

The budding New York Knicks and Boston Celtics rivalry just heated up to new levels.

Knicks forward Carmelo Anthony and Celtics center Kevin Garnett got into it late in their teams’ game last night (a game the Celtics won 102-96), with Anthony shoving Garnett in the back, taking a weak swing at him and yelling “f*ck you, b*tch” in Garnett’s direction as the two players headed to the bench during a TV timeout:

As you can see, there was clearly some animosity between the two players, but nothing too unusual — certainly nothing shocking to see in a close game between rivals. The players were each assessed double technical fouls for their jawing, but that was the end of it, right?


It was after the game ended that the real story unfolded. Anthony reportedly told Garnett during the game that he would see him after the final whistle — and then he tried to actually make good on his threat. Anthony waited outside the stadium near the Celtics’ team bus after the game, hoping to fight Garnett.

MSG Network reported that Anthony “had to be restrained by security and some teammates.”

There’s video of the whole thing:

Garnett never emerged, so there was no fight and this story will probably just go away in a few days. The two teams don’t play each other again until January 24th, so all parties should have plenty of time to cool down.

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