Al Roker Crapped His Pants at the White House (VIDEO)

Al Roker works for NBC’s Today, which means that he regularly sees and talks to A-list celebrities. He’s not the kind of guy you’d expect to lose his sh*t — literally — when entering the home of the most powerful man in the world.

Yet, that’s exactly what happened to Roker when he visited the White House, as he reveals (for some insane reason) in the video above, which was part of an interview with Dr. Nancy Snyderman on NBC’s Dateline.

To summarize, here’s are the key statements:

Nancy Snyderman: “You pooped in your pants.”

Al Roker: “I pooped my pants.”

Photo credit: NBC

The pants-soiling incident had nothing to do with being nervous around the POTUS. Instead, it was apparently related to Roker’s gastric bypass surgery. Remember back when Roker was a huge fatso? Surely you do — fat Roker was awesome. He’s skinny now, though, and it seems there were some bumps (and some squirts) on his weight loss journey.

Who knew that unexpected bowel movements were a side effect of gastric bypass surgery? Wait… are they? Or is Roker just trying to blame a run-of-the-mill Hersey squirt accident on his medical condition? We’ve all gambled on a fart and lost at least once or twice, but most of us are smart enough not to do it in the freakin’ White House.

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