Wii Oops – The 5 Funniest Wii Accidents of All Time (VIDEO)

Photo via tv-armor.com

The Wii U is one of the hottest gifts this holiday season, even if some people are predicting that the next-gen console’s popularity will be short-lived.

The Wii U ships with one tablet-style GamePad, but that’s not enough for group gaming — one of the elements that made the Wii so popular from the beginning. Fear not, Wii U owners, because your new console is designed to work with your old Wiimotes (as long as they have MotionPlus built-in or the MotionPlus attachment).

What does all of this mean for non-gamers — or for hardcore gamers who would never get near a machine as inferior as a Wii? More hilarious videos of dumb people breaking their televisions by accidentally throwing their Wiimotes at the screen!

Below, we run down the five best videos of people who now wish they had bothered to use the wrist strap.


“You get used to it after the first couple times.”

This video footage would seem to refute that assertion. That kid took a few practice swings, decided he was ready for the big leagues, and then proceeded to shatter his mom’s TV. She’s surprisingly calm, though. I would have been racing out of the house before my mom had even realized what happened.


It’s one thing to break your TV screen with a Wiimote. It’s something totally different when you do it on television, while trying to show the world what a great product the Wii is.

“Oh, geez,” indeed.


Why are so many people filming themselves playing Wii? Why would anyone want to watch video of themselves playing a video game, unless something went horribly (and hilariously) wrong? I’m starting to wonder if some of these might be staged.

Then again, these might just be sad, lonely people — this guy in particular. He seems to be playing all by himself in a crappy apartment with an undecorated tree, and his sad whimpers of “Mama… Mama” go unanswered.


Yeahhhh… some of these are definitely fake. Big props to anyone who actually gets dressed up in workout gear to play virtual tennis, but the way that coffee table shattered (looks a lot like sugar glass) gives this one away. Still worth a chuckle, though.


We’ve got a real rarity here: a TV-breaking Wii video that somehow doesn’t involve throwing a Wiimote at the screen by accident. This intrepid gamer finds a novel way to bust his screen — and step on his poor dog for good measure.

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