Guy Uses (Extremely Easy) Magic Trick to Propose to Girlfriend (VIDEO)

emory proposes magic

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Proposing marriage is a probably one of the most stressful things a guy can do.

There’s so much pressure to come up with something unforgettable and grandiose — something so wonderful that you can conveniently remind her of it every time she gets mad at you for farting on her.

Simply getting down on one knee and whipping out a ring doesn’t seem to be enough anymore. It has to happen on a mountaintop or under a waterfall or while riding elephants in Thailand.

Or perhaps through the geeky power of magic.

A video currently whooshing around the Internet, and surely setting millions of female hearts aflutter, features 24-year-old Sean Emory of Nashville proposing to girlfriend Andrea Leachman. In the behind-the-scenes prelude of the video, Emory explains how he will dupe his girlfriend into filming the proposal under the guise of getting her to record him performing a magic trick.

First, the good news: it’s quite cute and romantic and well-produced. They seem like a happy couple. Bad news to follow. Watch:

Wasn’t that nice?

It was so nice that the UK’s Daily Mail and many other publications are lauding the amazing “sleight of hand” employed by this wonderful young “magician” to pull off the “illusion.”

Now, to be a bit of a grinch. It’s a really, really easy trick, and he doesn’t even perform it especially well.

We’re not going to reveal the secret here, because that’s a dickish thing to do.  But anybody with five bucks and five minutes’ of practice can do the same trick. Well, the engagement ring presumably cost quite a lot more than five bucks, but the “secret” behind the trick is dead-simple (infuriatingly so, once you know what it is).

In a clever bit of editing, the camera cuts to a wide shot at the moment Emory performs an important move that partially reveals the secret.

Of course, this is mostly moot, since the girl seemed overjoyed by the unique proposal, and it’s the thought that counts.

But calling Emory a great magician based solely on this trick would be akin to calling Tiger Woods a great golfer simply because he can spell the word “golf.”

Or perhaps this is all just bitterness because guys like Emory keep upping the ante, making things harder on the rest of the poor saps trying to think of ways to pop the question.

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