Shaun White Loses His Signature Red Mane, Donates Hair to Locks of Love (VIDEO)

With a snip-snip here and a snip-snip there…

Shaun White has offered his glorious red mane to Locks of Love, and the Olympic gold medalist now sports a look that will surely garner more endorsements, inspire subcultural trends and generate looks from the ladies. As you can see in the video below, he’s still the same Shaun White — but he looks like he immediately aged five years with the new ‘do. Now, he actually looks like he’s really a 26-year-old man.

White has done much more for extreme sports than setting impressive performance standards. This dude is pure class (aside from that drunk and disorderly arrest, which can probably be attributed to the perils of youth and fame).

Like anyone who’s had long hair, the locks definitely became part of White’s identity. There are people you meet, and have known for years who recognize you because of these physical traits and attributes. But, at a certain point, all that hair becomes cumbersome. You start to wonder, “What if I take it off? It’ll probably make showering faster…” For Shaun White, such curiosity could even be considered a risk — his hair helped to coin his nickname: The Flying Tomato.

Still, White makes a simple statement in the video that offers some insight into his persona: “Somebody needs it more than I do.” Most people go their whole lives having never made such a statement, or offering such consideration.

I just hope his snowboarding superpowers were in no way related to that ginger magic.

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