When Playboy Bunnies Become Older Hares (PHOTOS)

Playboy bunnies Twomey

Photo credit: Robyn Twomey

Although Hugh Hefner has become increasingly shriveled and creepy within his ubiquitous smoking jacket, his bevy of beauties has  continually replenished, creating an illusion of eternal youth at the Playboy Mansion.

But we all get older. Even Playboy Bunnies — those airbrushed emblems of female sexuality (or the male perception of it, at least) — are not immune from the ceaseless march of time.

The women, like the magazines they once graced, get a bit weathered and worn over the years. But some of these vintage models, to their credit, do not become completely camera shy.

Photographer Robyn Twomey recently attended a Playboy reunion in Las Vegas, and asked some of the one-time Bunnies if they’d hop in front of the camera one more time. This time, they kept their clothes (mostly) on.

Although they’re older and presumably wiser, you have to hand it to them: they still know how to strike a pose.

Here’s a sampling of the pictures. Check out Twomey’s gallery for the rest.

Playboy older bunnies

Photo credit: Robyn Twomey

Playboy Bunniest

Photo credit: Robyn Twomey

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